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Introducing the new PI website

In conjunction with Protected Industries reaching it's first year in business, we've revamped the website.

It's been a fun, busy year.  We've landed some great clients, and are continuing to work on the potential of offering hosting services.  We've done code reviews for financial institutions, penetration tests for web 2.0 companies, web development for startups and graphic designers, and provided operations consulting for established companies.  We're looking forward to 2010 and really ramping things up!

I'd love to hear your feedback - how does the website look?  Would you like to see white papers?  Suggestions for blog topics?  What services can we provide your business? We're spending alot of time with cloud computing at the moment, but we're not sure how much help our clients need in this area.

I've been active in the open source community for many years, and will be adding an open source section to this website soon to provide links to previous work, and to host some new projects I'm working on.

Thanks for reading, I promise this will be a fun ride. :)