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Website Relaunch -

While web development is only a portion of our business, it is a growing chunk that we have hired more resources for and gained more customers.  To that end, I'm going to start featuring websites on here that we either build.  If we get really ambitiuous, we'll add a portfolio section to the site, but one thing at a time...



First up is a redesign we finished earlier this year with Katie Bush Design for IPWireless. We originally built their Drupal site about 2 years ago, and IPW was now ready for a new look as they gain market share and further investments.

This site is slightly different than the "normal" corporate site - the front page allows a user to select a "mini site" they wish to see. Upon making this selection, a session cookie is set and the user is delivered to the Panels-based landing page for that section of the site.  Navigation menus sense the session cookie, and display navigation choices particular to the selected "mini site."

Additionally breadcrumbs reflect this "mini site" concept, displaying "home" that is relative to the "mini site" being browsed. This is done with the Hansel module - this is our favorite module for doing breadcrumbs in Drupal, but not very well documented, so I'll aiming to put up a blog about that fairly soon.

Inside the IPW site, we expanded the use of CCK by moving more events and news items into custom content types instead of flat pages. This allowed us to use Views to improve organization and display of information.

IPWireless has embraced Salesforce for lead tracking, analytics and sales functions. We created several jquery-based forms to provide information verification before submission to Salesforce, along with custom white-paper download pages that display specific articles based upon lead generation codes that have flowed through Salesforce.

With another happy customer, we consider this another good example of how our broad skillset and willingness to work with clients and 3rd party developers to produce a result that does everything the customer wants.