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More AT&T Fail

It's no secret that I have no love for AT&T. I live in San Francisco, and I have an iPhone. What more do I need to say?

I was without signal while sitting in my office for about an hour this afternoon.  Finally I noticed the signal came back, so I fired up the Mark the Spot app to...mark the spot. Again. Latest version of the app asked if I wanted to register with AT&T so they could provide feedback as they improved things.  Golly, sure! So it fires off an SMS message to AT&T.  The response I get back? Fail...

Cloud Infrastructure providers, ssh host keys, and you

I think I'm adding a new step to my acceptance procedures for cloud servers: always re-generate the ssh host key. Providers aren't always doing their homework and making sure that the ssh host keys on their customers servers properly created.

Pls return mah hard drive you stole from my car. kthxbye!

On my Monday morning run I came across this:

So, by itself this is worth a few giggles and will get added to my collection of security gaffes found in the wild.

Terremark shows how to really make money off a firewall

Been quiet recently, new announcements will be released in the next week or two about new PI services.  Quite excited about that, but for now, another Terremark rant:

I deleted my last Terremark vCloud Express VM out of disgust at the beginning of April. If you just shut down the VM, they'll keep billing you for it. You have to delete it as well.

Goodbye, Blippy...

Blippy's a fun idea. If you've got malicious intentions.  See, you give them the username/password to your bank's websites, they go and get your purchase info, analyze it, and display it on their site.

Because, you really want everybody to know that every day this week you bought a frappuccino at Starbucks, and also signed up for a membership at 24hr fitness.

I should look through to see if anybody's purchased lobotomy services on there.

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