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Questions? Concerns?  We're more than happy to talk to you.  We pride ourselves in being able to talk with everybody from bit-twiddling engineers to C-level executives.  We frequently talk with people who just want to sound some ideas off us - sometimes it turns into an engagement, sometimes it's just a good cup of coffee.

email: [email protected]

office: 415.315.9385



Secure communication

We request that current or potential clients solely send any sensitive information via encrypted email. Likewise, we will not send sensitive data to current or potential clients over unencrypted email.

For further instructions on how to get and use GPG encryption for your platform, please visit out GPG page.

Our PGP keys are available below:

John Kinsella key (also available from public keyservers)

Additionally, we do support S/MIME encryption.  Email us to request our certificate.