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Security Services

Protected Industries' Security Services truely excels thanks to the cumulation of expertise from our other service areas.  While many security groups focus purely on security itself, Protected Industries is able to take a more holistic approach, considering the points of view of different business units when creating a security solution.  We have the experience to work with developers, gather needs from accountants, and present the final solution to your executive team.

Protected Industries staff have helped many companies in the following information security domains:

  • Security architecture: Our experience with large and small scales allows us to ask the right questions, determine the best products, and stay flexible to meet business needs.  Our goal: when we're finished, you will have a solid document which describes what your security architecture will look like for your network, enterprise, or application.  You will understand why we have made the choices we have, and how they specifically benefit you.
  • Incident response: We have experience with live-system forensics, data recovery, and incident handling.  What you've heard is true - you don't have to call us, but if you suspect a compromise, bring in a specialist ASAP.
  • Policy and procedure: We have assisted public and private corporations with information security policies and audit preparation.
  • Information security law: Our consulting experience in the US and Europe provides a solid understanding of the law that we can use to assist your issues.
  • Pentration testing:  We have performed white, black, and grey box testing of networks, servers, and web applications.  And we're happy to explain the differences in these methods to you.
  • Secure code review: The only way to fully know if your application is truely secure.  We have experience doing both manual code review as well as using static analysis tools.